Any Questions? Politics is a political opinion blog, designed to inform, engage and encourage debate, instead of deride and scorn.

Red or blue. Left or Right. Invest or cut. Politics is by its very nature divisive. Pensioners are set against students. The working class framed against the ‘metropolitan elite’. ‘Patriots’ are told to be fearful of immigrants. But does it have to be this way?

We take our lead from the media we consume and circles we move in. Too often, opinions are formed not from facts, but from fear. We are experiencing perhaps our most tumultuous political period in decades, and the discourse has reached an all-time low.

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Most of us live in a bubble, following pages that confirm our bias, reading news that shapes our views, talking with friends who agree with our positions. How do we react to opposing views? Read the comments on any article, any blog, any meme, and it’s a free for all of name calling, derision and misinformation, with very little constructive debate.

There is undoubtedly a dearth of media diversity – a handful of billionaires owning and setting the tone of the majority of media we consume. To counter this, a whole host of alternative media and political bloggers have appeared, doing a fantastic job of highlighting hypocrisy, injustice, and attempting to hold those in power to account. However, too often the tone of these outlets is too combative to those it should be trying to persuade. The echo chamber reverberates.


Any Questions? Politics aims to change that. Providing political opinion on the issues that matter, fully sourced and supported by accessible evidence. Crucially, instead of deriding anyone who may disagree, let’s start a debate. Let’s engage those with opposing views. Share the articles, invite discussion. Whether it’s myths about welfare, immigration, our voting system – the aim is to create content that can be shared with everyone.

What is the goal of political discourse if not persuasion? If your objective is to see a government that reflects your views, then you should have two main aims:

1) Persuade supporters of other parties and policies to support your position.

2) Persuade those who are not politically engaged to become so –ideally in support of your position.


No one is going to achieve either aim by shouting down the other side, name calling, or claiming everyone who disagrees with you is an idiot. No one said it was easy, but ‘the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph’ (Thomas Paine – we’re nothing if not cultured here).

So follow the blog, like the Facebook and Twitter pages, read the posts, share the graphics, comment, disagree, debate – let’s change the discourse for the better, one conversation at a time.

Any Questions?


1) Any Questions? Politics is independent, and not affiliated with or funded by any organisations, political parties or media outlets. All views expressed are that of the author, unless otherwise stated.

2) Any Questions? Politics is notunbiased’. No one is. Not your family, not your MP, certainly not your newspaper. You’ll read strong views on a whole range of subjects without apology. However, all assertions will be backed up with evidence and available sources. Read the articles, check out the sources, and make your own mind up. That’s pretty much the point.

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